Aerial view of the Warren, Maine lagoon system. Photo courtesy of Woodard and Curran.

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Mars Hill Wastewater Lagoon System - Mars Hill  Maine. Photo Courtesy of Wright-Pierce Engineers.
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Tim Loftus Receives the E. Sherman Chase Award
at annual NEWEA Conference in Boston, Massachusetts

Tim Loftus Receives E. Sherman Chase Award at the annual NEWEA Conference held at the Marriott Copley Place in Boston, MA, January 22-25, 2006. You may clcik on this photo to view a larger size.
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Tim Loftus receives the E. Sherman Chase Award from
outgoing NEWEA President Douglas Miller.

The E. Sherman Chase Award was established in 1960 to recognize members engaged in the operations of municipal and/or industrial wastewater treatment works, and demonstrating notable or meritorious achievements in, but not limited to: equipment or process, public relations, management, operations and maintenance, economics, and contributions of information useful to the profession. The award honors E. Sherman Chase, an outstanding professional engineer and pioneer treatment plant operator.

NEWEA is pleased to present the E. Sherman Chase Award to:

Tim Loftus
Webster-Dudley Wastewater Treatment Facility
Webster, Massachusetts

Tim Loftus, the Chief Chemist and Industrial Pretreatment Coordinator at the Webster-Dudley Wastewater Treatment Facility in Webster, Massachusetts, is an active member of the NEWEA Laboratory Practices Committee (and currently serves as Chair of the committee). Over five years ago, Tim began submitting lab-related articles and “brain teasers” to the State Operator Association newsletters in New England and New Jersey. He has faithfully continued the task to this day. Tim has also authored an internet article, “The Maine Lagoon Laboratory Chronicles,” ( that contains links to his 18 wastewater lab-related articles such as, “Sample Contamination, “QC Samples,” “Acidity and Alkalinity,” and “Coliform and E. coli Testing.” Because of the “Maine Lagoon Laboratory Chronicles,” Tim regularly receives and answers, with authority, lab-related questions from operators, engineers, and consultants not only from this country but from around the world.

The depth of Tim’s knowledge in his field and his willingness and ability to clearly convey that knowledge are meritorious. Tim Loftus, with his insatiable interest in affording everyone the tools and information to do their work as accurately and completely as possible, is just the sort of unsung hero who deserves the recognition of the NEWEA E. Sherman Chase Award.

Tim received this award at NEWEA Annual Conference, held at the Marriott Copley Place in Boston, MA, January 22-25, 2006. NEWEA, the region’s largest organization of water pollution control professionals, has been working to protect and improve the area’s water environment for over 75 years. The Association continually directs and promotes the research, development, and application of more advanced and effective water pollution control practices and technologies to protect water resources, safeguard public health, and preserve environmental quality. NEWEA is a Member Association of the Water Environment Federation, a leading international organization dedicated to preserving the global water environment.

New England Water Environment Association

For information on NEWEA,
call 781-939-0908


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