Aerial view of the Warren, Maine lagoon system. Photo courtesy of Woodard and Curran.

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Mars Hill Wastewater Lagoon System - Mars Hill  Maine. Photo Courtesy of Wright-Pierce Engineers.
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Newport Sanitary District

Newport Sanitary District

   Restoring the natural quality of our rivers and streams has been a major task for municipalities and industries. In Newport, Maine, the Sanitary District and the town's major industry have worked closely together to address a significant local problem. The Newport wastewater collection and treatment facilities have eliminated untreated domestic and industrial wastewater discharges and significantly improved the quality of the East Branch of the Sebasticook River.

   Prior to construction of the new secondary treatment facilities, the East Branch of the Sebasticook River was being contaminated by untreated wastewater discharges from about half of Newport's 3,000 residents as well as from the H.P. Hood cottage cheese plant. The river was not suitable for fishing swimming and other recreational uses.

     In 1980, Wright-Pierce completed a facility plan which recommended an aerated-facultative lagoon treatment system as the most cost-effective way to provide secondary biological treatment for the unique mixture of municipal and dairy wastes present in Newport. The relatively remote site for the treatment facilities was selected to provide suitable buffer zones from residential development. The location also satisfied the public concern that the plant be located outside of the drainage area of Sebasticook Lake, which has been the subject of a state and federal funded restoration program.

   In order to proceed with construction of the wastewater collection and treatment facilities in the face of a limited construction grants program, the project was constructed in five phases. In total, the five contracts involved 14,000 feet of new sanitary sewers; 2,100 feet of new storm drains; a cast-in-place pump station; 8,000 feet of force main; a 29 million gallon, Hypalon lined 3-lagoon treatment system; and a 3,100 square foot operations building.

    The aerated lagoon treatment system covers about 10 acres. Normally, this would be considered quite large for a town the size of Newport, but is required to treat the high strength waste from the cottage cheese plant. Since adequate affordable land was available for the construction of lagoons, Wright-Pierce was able to demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of this type of facility in comparison to more energy intensive traditional methods. As a result, the Newport treatment plant represents a very cost-effective solution for H.P. Hood and has very affordable user charges for the residential and commercial customers.

    The total construction cost of the Newport wastewater collection and treatment facilities was approximately $4.7million. State and federal grants paid for 87.9% of the cost. The Sanitary District and H.P. Hood paid 8.0% and 4.1% respectively. The Farmers Home Administration is providing long-term financing of the District's share of project costs.

Basic Design Data

Newport Sanitary District

Design Flow: 0.524 MGD
Peak Flow:. 2.3 MGD
Design BOD Load: 3,320 pounds per day
(81% industrial, 19% municipal)
Design SS Load: 1,400 pounds per day
Total Lagoon Volume: 34.5 MG
Design Detention Time: 55 Days


Lagoon Specifications

Newport Sanitary District

Lagoons No.1 No. 2 No. 3
Volume 28.7 MG 2.9 MG 2.9 MG
Lagoon Acreage 3.4 acres 2.7 acres 2.7 acres
Aeration Fine Bubble Fine Bubble Fine Bubble

Facility has four 75 horsepower blowers. Lagoons have a total of 15 miles of small diameter air line that distributes air in the lagoons. Aeration (tubing system) is by Lasaire.


System Information

Newport Sanitary District

Design Flow 0.524 MGD
Actual Flow 0.300 MGD
Discharge To East Branch Sabasticook River
Year Built 1985
Design Engineers Wright-Pierce
Septage Received No
Collector System 12 miles of gravity sewers, 106 manholes,  3 pump stations
Staff Size 2 Full Time, 2 Part Time
Number of Users 520
Billing Software Trio
Comments Constructed reed beds for sludge treatment in 1999. Bed dimensions are 20' x 80' x 7' (3:1 slope) Facility has Pis-Grit removal system.




S.E. MacMillian Co., Inc
Bangor, Maine

Sta-Flex Corporation
Greenland, New Hampshire

H.E. Sargent, Inc.
Stillwater, Maine

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Newport Sanitary District

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