Aerial view of the Warren, Maine lagoon system. Photo courtesy of Woodard and Curran.

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Mars Hill Wastewater Lagoon System - Mars Hill  Maine. Photo Courtesy of Wright-Pierce Engineers.
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aerated lagoons

aerated lagoons


aerated lagoons
It became apparent in the early 1990's that the town of Milo could no longer dispose of its untreated sewerage by allowing it to flow into the Piscataquis River. The Trustees of the Milo Water District began to seek alternative methods for disposal and acquired the engineering firm of A.E. Hodsdon to help seek out a feasible solution.

     It was determined that an aerated lagoon system would best serve the communities needs and financial constraints. Also influencing the decision for the lagoon system was the availability of a parcel of land to accommodate the space requirements in the construction of a lagoon system.

    Today, operators of the plant are conducting a pilot study utilizing phragmite reeds for treating and reducing sludge volumes from the lagoons. Also underway is a project to introduce the bullhead ( hornpout ) into the lagoons to provide further mixing of the sludge layer that resides on the lagoon floors.

Lagoon Specifications

Milo Maine

Lagoons No.1 No. 2 No.3
Volume 5.9 MG 2.9 MG 2.9 MG
Lagoon Dimensions 465'l x 225'w x 14.5'd 465'l x 225'w x 14.5'd 465'l x 225'w x 14.5'd
Lagoon Acreage 2.4 acres 2.4 acres 2.4 acres
Aeration Surface Aspirating Surface Aspirating Surface Aspirating
No. Aerators 8 2 3

Total lagoon acreage is 7.2 or 313,632 square feet. Aerator manufacturer is Eimco and aerator model is the Propulsair. Aerator horsepowers are 7.5 and generate 1.5 fps of air per horsepower per hour.


System Information

Milo Maine

Design Flow 0.390 MGD
Actual Flow 0.226 MGD
Discharge To Piscataquis River
Year Built 1992
Design Engineers A.E. Hodson
Septage Received No
Collector System 11 miles of gravity sewers, approximately 200 manholes,  10 pumping stations
Staff Size 2 Full Time
Number of Users 633
Billing Software Business Management Systems
Comments Collection system has high I & I. Facility has UEMSI Predator Advantage mini mainline camera for collection system viewing.

Milo Maine

Facility Operator Tim Gormley  - Superintendent
Address 62 Main St.
  Milo, Maine 04463
Telephone (207) 943 - 2501
Fax (207) 943 - 2501

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Milo Maine

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